Two Manly Men.

TWo Axes.

all flannel.

Nous allons faire fondre vos visages!

who are these guys?

Hailing from the Great White North in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jean-Piérre et Jacques are two burly, hockey-playing, ax-swingin’, acoustic-strummin’ hosers who will happily rock your pants right off your body to leave you burnt and smoking on the dance floor!

A mix of comedy and musicianship, these bearded boys promise to entertain you with their interpretations of 80s covers from AC/DC to Whitney Houston to Bryan Adams to Bon Jovi. The Pacific Northwest is their predominant stomping grounds these days so keep an eye out to witness them jack choppin’ some wood in your neighborhood!


come & watch

Check out our upcoming shows to see us play some sweet-as-sucre versions of 80s favorites.  We put a unique acoustic spin on electric rockers without losing that hard-rockin’ appeal!

talk to us

Washington – 98101